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Monique Yingling


Specializes in lying to the media and covering up the crimes of her boss David Miscavige.

"...He (referring to Mike Rinder ) was faced with disconnection. Monique Yingling (non-Scientologist lawyer who does David Miscavige's dirty work for between $500,000 to $1,000,000 a year income) made it known that she was ready to offer Mike several million dollars AND the comm lines to his wife, mother and brother if he would "stay quiet." He turned them down. Because Mike Rinder has PERSONAL INTEGRITY." Security Briefing

J Swift

"Cult Attorney Monique Yingling told CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the beatings inflicted in Sea Org: “We did not call the police. We handled it as an internal matter.” Okay, so now that Daniel has blown, suddenly the Cult wants the courts and the police involved on a trumped up incident of abuse that is months old. If true, if Daniel abused his wife, then CoS is now covering up the beating of a woman internally. If untrue, then the Cult is lying.

Pick your poison Monique and Eliot: Do you protect wife-beaters or do you lie to the police and the courts? Or both?

It is now okay for all Scientologists to have the “forbidden cognition”: David Miscavige is the SP destroying the Church of Scientology. He is stuck in an electronic implant in which he thinks he is God. How long before DM starts pouring Kool-Aid?"



Monique @ 4:65 into segment

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